Hungry Beats

Hungry Beats

Born at the end of 2009, the "Hungry Beats" project defines itself by dark and hard sounds, in the lineage of Hardcore, Frenchcore, Terror and Gabber. At the wheel of this duo: HDG and KRIST_OFF, who met within the "Lettek Sound System" in 2004.

In 2009, Dave LXR offers HDG to release on the label Lxrecords. Quickly, Dave is interested in the Hungry Beats project, and the first release of the duo: "Lost&Found 02", is born. In parallel, the two friends create the label "Prague Nightmare Records" and release their first EP: "Out Of Bounds" - which contains their main track: "Crazy Elisa". Their success grows fast and the duo manages to create a real emulation throughout Czech Republic.

From then on, Hungry Beats redoubled their workload and just 6 months later, they release their second EP: "Head Crusher (PNR 02)", which will meet a worldwide success. This was then followed by their booking at the X-Massacre party, their meeting with Sickest Squad (IT) and the project to collaborate on an EP with the Italian duo. The machine thus takes flight!

The two friends then launch their own label by producing in particular : "Bad To The Bone" by Frazzbass, and "D-Tox /Subversion". They will also later on craft a remix of the track: "Soul Vending Machine".

At the same time, Hungry Beats is solicited by several foreign labels and a few months later, they release two EPs on the label "Low Factory". Multiple propositions from labels such as: Noistorm (IT), GGM (UK), KARNAGE (FR), N.E. TUNES (IT) followed. In 2011, they establish with Astrofonik Production the labels "Lycanthropy Rec" and "Armory Rec".

Booking requests for Hungry Beats start pouring down, regularly performing all over Czech Republic. Internationally, they are booked in pioneer events of the genre such as: RAVING NIGHTMARE, WE ARE TOGETHER HARDCORE, E-MISSION, FOOTWORXXX vs. PRSPCT, FRENCHCORE S.IL Vous PLAIT, THERAPY SESSIONS, X-MASSACRE, IMAGINATON FESTIVAL, but to name but a few.

Stay tuned! They're hungry and their beats are bound to devour you!!