Karnage Records is a French independant Hardcore Techno and Industrial Hardcore label.

Founded in 1998 by DJ Thanos, Karnage Records comes from Fraktal Concept Sound System, which was founded in 1994 by Thanos and Matt in south-west France. 

Mainly active in the Free Parties culture, they organize their events in collaboration with Praxis, Stormcore and other activists from this time. They released a few vinyls with artists like Mouse, Armaguet Nad, Matt and some now worshiped templates.  

After a few years of activism on the Free Parties / Rave movement, the Sound System splits and both creates their own label and develops his own career. 

Karnage Records crew, always moving and in search of new influences, go on the roads to discover other cultures and start organizing events in all Europe and South America, which gives the label a privileged place in the international Hardcore scene. 

Sinces the 2000's, the team works in close collaboration with eastern countries and South America, with events in Bogota and Prague, among other places. 

As a label, Karnage is supported by a team of artists and producers who represent the label with an authentic and eclectic sound !

Produced artists on Karnage Records

Al Core, Armaguet Nad, Andy The Core, Celsius, Densha Crisis,  District7, Fast Forward, Hungry Beats, Igneon System, Joshua, Kepa la Pierre, Leeloo Hardcoholics, Middle M, Mouse, Ojuun, Radium, Splinter Cell, Thanos, THX, The Clamps, Tugie, The Satan, Tymon, Sacerdos, Strange Arrival….

Karnage Records events

Day One, La French, Fury, The Lost Island, Festival Koalition, Karnage Invites, TechnoParade, Brain Confusion ...