DJ from eastern France, Syndrome aka Leyem performs on Vinyl, Platinum CDs as well as Serato.

His first encounter with the "Rave" culture happened in 2002: originally a fan of Metal and dark ambiance, this new style naturally seduces him and he then decides to buy his first turntables and to learn how to mix.

A few years later, he created with 2 friends the organisation "Rskp sound 6tem", which stopped its course to then become "Neo Factory," which is still on-going to this day and which plans arout 7 to 8 events a year, essentially based in the East of France. Syndrome is also one half of the duo "Technical Fault", formed with his friend G-nocide, who's also part of Neo Factory.


Then comes the time of his musical composition, based on which his first EP called "Push the limits" is released on Vindicta Records in October 2016, followed by a remix of "Bartoch" on the compilation "Harder".

Later on, EPs on Order 66 (The Speed Freak label) and Karnage Records are released and in 2018, he decides to create his own label called Exitus Hardcore to promote artists.


He's already played at events alongside artists like: Partyraiser, Mad Dog, Dr Peacock, Remzcore, Radium, The Speed Freak, Maissouille, Hellfish and many others...

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