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[Vinyl] KARNAGE 12 - The Clamps


Here is the last Hardcore project by The Clamps!

The Clamps is back on Karnage Records with a 4 tracks EP, delivering a full spectrum of extreme music, spiced with Modern production, Oldschool flavours and Noise research.
"Nergal" is probably his more extreme track, insufflating breakbeats into a roller coaster of kicks, while "Hunting Fear" slows down the BPM to something more industrial, in a mechanical catalepsy.
He gives us a revision of "Run & Hide", originally done by Hysta, pushing it into an eternal turbulence of noise.

And to finish, "Even In Hell" is a tribute to 90's Terrorcore, to close this EP in a cathartic explosion.

"You were human, remember? Remember all your confusion, think."

  • The Clamps - Nergal
  • The Clamps - Hunting Fear
  • Hysta - Run and Hide (The Clamps Remix)
  • The Clamps - Even In Hell


1. The Clamps - Nergal
2. The Clamps - Hunting Fear
3. Hysta - Run & Hide - The Clamps Remix
4. The Clamps - Even in Hell

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