KARNAGE DIGITAL#22 : Invasion will be out on June 1st

Published : Mardi 11 mai 2021

The 1st of June will be released our next EP "Invasion" composed by Prototypes label team! This is a 5 Tracks album on which you can find: Nagazaki, Vein, Berzärk, Iridium and Frenesys.

We are happy to introduce you to these promising artists!

Nagazaki is a French DJ and producer of Hardcore Industrial. He produces hardcore music mainly at 175Bpm, and with influences of breakcore, dubstep, schranz and neurofunk with lots of breakbeats, kick variations and vocal samples.

Vein is a producer of Hardcore Drum & Bass from St Petersburg, Russia. He has done a lot of work with The Satan and produces powerful songs with dark sounds and pauses with stronger industrial kicks that you will definitely like.

Berzärk is a DJ and Hardcore, Inudstrial and crossbreed producer influenced a lot by extreme music, including Hardcore, Metal, Hard DnB and Industrial sounds. Passionate about horror sounds, he also likes to bring a disturbing and oppressive atmosphere to his tracks.

Iridium is a French duo of DJs and producers masked like Predator that bring a new style of brutal hardcore. They are Influenced by electronic music like drum and bass, crossbreed, dubstep, trap, hardtechno. You can also find strong metal influences on their projects.

Frenesys is a French DJ and producer passionate about Hardcore, Rawstyle, DnB and Metal, which creates violent and industrial titles. It uses horror and industry codes to make powerful bangers and mixes.

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