Igneon System

Igneon System


Igneon System has been producing industrial hardcore since 2005. His style could be discribed as energydriven, technical, dirty, twisty and filthy. Many different styles from the hardcore spectrum will appear in his livesets, as long as they are standing for quality and originality.

Igneon System has been leading his own imprint Heresy since 2013. The label is known worldwide as one of the purest industrial movement, representing industrial music to redefine it on the hardcore map.

Igneon System already played all around Europe, including major festivals such as Thunderdome, Defqon.1, Dominator, Decibel, Harmony of Hardcore…

Igneon System collaborated with many artists and released music on labels such as TTM, PRSPCT, Industrial Strength, Rebelscum, Karnage, Nekrolog1K & many others.

In 2014, his collab with N-Vitral Jump the F@#* Up reached the 21st position on MOH top 100.


Igneon System produit du hardcore indus depuis 2005. Son style peut être décrit comme étant énergique, technique, sale et tordu. De nombreux styles différents du spectre du hardcore apparaîtront dans ses sets. 

Igneon System dirige sa propre marque Heresy depuis 2013. Le label est connu dans le monde entier comme l'un des mouvements industriels les plus purs, représentant la musique industrielle pour la redéfinir sur la carte du hardcore.

Igneon System a déjà joué partout en Europe, y compris dans des festivals majeurs tels que Thunderdome, Defqon.1, Dominator, Decibel, Harmony of Hardcore...

Igneon System a collaboré avec de nombreux artistes et a sorti de la musique sur des labels tels que TTM, PRSPCT, Industrial Strength, Rebelscum, Karnage, Nekrolog1K et bien d'autres.

En 2014, sa collab avec N-Vitral "Jump the F@#* Up" a atteint la 21ème position du top 100 de MOH.

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KARNAGE 10 - Full EP - MP3
KARNAGE 10 - Full EP - WAV